APCT is the go-to rigid PCB manufacturer for many Union City, CA businesses. We are headquartered in nearby Santa Clara, and have provided quality product and world-class customer service to many Bay Area businesses. Printed circuit boards are now used in everything from computers and cell phones to fighter jets and toys. As our technology becomes more advanced, the more we rely on electrical components for everyday life. That’s why it’s essential that they work well and perform applications with ease. It doesn’t matter if it’s the rugged conditions of outer space or the temperature changes that happen with overheated hardware on earth, it just has to work. For top-quality printed circuit boards, many industries – such as aerospace, defense, communications, automobile, and more – rely on APCT.

Quality Rigid Manufacturing

APCT has long been known for our rigid manufacturing. Steve Robinson, an industry veteran who started in PCB in 1971, founded our rigid PCB print house to serve Union City, CA customers and the greater Silicon Valley. As we’ve grown, we have expanded our capacity as well as our capabilities. We now have four manufacturing facilities (Santa Clara, two in Orange County, and one on the East Coast), over 180,000 square feet of production space, and over 450 employees. As we have expanded to one of the largest printed circuit board manufacturers in the United States, we’ve moved beyond merely rigid manufacturing. We can now offer Mil-Spec rigid, rigid-flex, and flexible circuit board to our customers, saying “Yes!” to the growing needs of many industries for a variety of technologies and materials. With an experienced team, cutting-edge manufacturing equipment, and a dedication to quality control, you can still count on the highest standard product from APCT.

We are more than just rigid PCB for Union City, CA businesses. We are a partner in all things printed circuit board. Contact us to discuss your order and how we can help.

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