If you’re looking for a sequential lamination manufacturer near Los Altos CA that offers continuous improvement, “Best In Class” service, and a high level of reliability, look no further than APCT Located in Santa Clara, right in the heart of Silicon Valley, our factory serves local and domestic businesses, providing fast rigid printed circuit board orders with industry-leading cycle times. If you operate internationally, our overseas partners can help meet your complex technology PCB requirements, as well.

At APCT, we encourage an environment of Passion, Commitment, and Dedication. By offering a wide range of materials and specifications for our PCBs, we’re able to meet the exact requirements of our clients for standard, advanced, or developmental orders. Better yet, we utilize a Design For Manufacturability approach, working closely with you on each project to ensure the design is exactly what you need before it even goes to production. This is part of our “Best In Class” service, matched only by our excellent customer support and commitment to continuous improvement. In our minds, the sequential lamination manufacturer for your Los Altos production facility should be one that not only keeps up with the constantly involving industry, but offers innovations of their own in their methodology. Your fast rigid printed circuit board shouldn’t only be a high-speed product in and of itself, it should also be consistently and reliably produced and delivered to you. That’s our promise.

From standard high-volume production orders to advanced HDI developmental designs, APCT is the sequential lamination manufacturer that will get the job done for your Los Altos or other Silicon Valley facility. To get started, give us a call today to discuss your project with one of our DFM Engineers.