It’s not difficult to find a rigid PCB sequential lamination manufacturer near Saratoga. With its proximity to Silicon Valley’s major businesses, obtaining components is as simple as selecting a partner and making a call. However, with such a wealth of options at your fingertips, you must decide what’s important to you. Are you looking for fast PCB fabrication and a Design For Manufacturability model? Then APCT, Inc. is the right partner for you. Not only are we located right in the heart of Silicon Valley, we’re industry leaders in cycle times for HDI-specific designs, which we offer in as little as 3-5 days.

At APCT, Inc., our company culture is one of Passion, Commitment, and Dedication. We believe that in order to continuously improve and offer superior work, you must have Passion for what you do, and we seek out team members who offer such passion every day. In order to stand out as a sequential lamination manufacturer providing PCBs to Saratoga and other area cities, we must also display a Commitment to “Best In Class” service. With responsive customer support and DFM Engineers who work directly with our clients to ensure a design meets their requirements before it goes to production, we can limit production errors and provide more consistent service. Finally, our Dedication to reliability means that we go above and beyond to offer our clients reliable PCB fabrication and delivery times so that they can keep their own production timelines intact. Whether you need a standard design for a high-production product run or a low-volume developmental design for your next generation mobile device, we’ll make sure you get everything you need.

In addition to our convenient proximity to Silicon Valley facilities, we also work on a global scale thanks to our overseas partners. When you need to partner with a reliable sequential lamination manufacturer near Saratoga, reach out to us. Our DFM Engineers will be happy to discuss your current needs with you.