APCT Saves Time And Money

It can be excruciating waiting for your product. You and your team have put in the time, worked the weekends, have completed the project and now must wait because of long lead times?! There is an alternative…APCT!

APCT, Delivers World Class Lead Times!

CYCLE TIMESAPCT Santa ClaraAPCT WallingfordAPCT Orange CountyAPCT Cirtech
Through-Hole Technology
Standard Lead Time15 Days15 Days15 Days4 – 6 Weeks
2 – 10 Layers Expedited Lead Time24 Hours48 Hours24 Hours
12 – 24 Layers Expedited Lead Time48 Hours72 Hours48 Hours
Filled Via in Pad Technology
Standard Lead Time15 Days15 Days15 Days20 Days
Expedited Lead Time2 – 3 Days4 – 5 Days2 – 3 Days5 – 7 Days
HDI Technology
2x Lam Cycles Standard Lead Time15 Days20 Days20 Days20 Days
2x Lam Cycles Expedited Lead Time3 – 5 Days5 Days3 – 5 Days10 Days
3x Lam Cycles Standard Lead Time20 Days20 Days20 Days
3x Lam Cycles Expedited Lead Time7 Days10 Days7 Days
4x Lam Cycles Standard Lead Time25 Days25 Days
4x Lam Cycles Expedited Lead Time10 Days10 Days